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All World Travel understands there’s more to a vacation than staying in a glamorous hotel or touring incredible sites. Much practical information must be considered and put into action, especially when traveling internationally. While we handle most of those things for you, the links below will assist in helping you be better prepared before and during your trip. What’s the weather like in Morocco? What’s the currency of Brazil? What is the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Requirements for Thailand? Use this page as your resource guide!

U.S. Department of State – Passport Information

Whether you’re an American citizen traveling abroad or a foreign citizen traveling to the U.S., get all the information you need before heading overseas. This website contains tips for traveling abroad, passport and visa applications and document requirements.

Travel Advisories

Obtain worldwide travel announcements and advisories.

CDC Travel Information

This site gives the Center for Disease Control’s recommended health precautions and warnings for travelers.

Currency Converter

The Universal Currency Converter™, the world’s most popular currency tool, allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations on the Internet, using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates.


One of the easiest of the international time conversion sites around, ideal in case you need to know what time it is in Zimbabwe, or anywhere else!

The Weather Channel

All you need to know about current weather conditions and three to five day forecasts throughout the world.


Get door-to-door driving directions, detailed maps, plus helpful travel links.

International Health & Vaccination Requirements/CDC

A list of countries and their health requirements or warnings, plus news articles about outbreaks and immunizations. The site also includes geographic travel maps and health recommendations.

Federal Aviation Administration – “Bringing Safety to America’s Skies”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for the safety of civil aviation. The FAA issues and enforces regulations and aircraft standards and certifies airmen and airports that serve air carriers. They develop air traffic rules, assign the use of airspace and control air traffic.

FAA Tips on Flying with Children

Keep your little ones safe while flying. Learn more about the importance of using a child restraint system, as it’s safer than holding your child in your lap. Most airlines will offer discounts of up to 50% for children less than two years of age.

Seat Guru

At SeatGuru, we want to make travel more enjoyable by helping you find airline seat maps, flights shopping, flight information, seat advice, user comments, photos, and more.

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